Renaissance - Birthday Present -

Renaissance - Birthday Present -

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You wanna make your self the best birthday present ever!? To own your birth story, to understand and by that love yourself more by knowing yourself, caring for yourself and respecting your way.

This is also the best birthday present to give to a good friend together with other friends.

It does not have to be only on your birthday, you can choose a new birth date.

This session is personal and bring together different tools / techniques that Sofia gathered on her own healing path during the last 11 years. Be welcome in her birth house, midwife for adults cause the inner child in you lives for ever…

A combination of theta healing, sound healing, somatic experience that recreates the atmosphere of your in utero / womb life.

What happened during your utero life & birth is sometime so imprinted in your energetic body but pretty difficult to access. Through the combination of sound, foetus position hanging in gravity, as well as theta healing you are invited to release any memory that is not serving you anymore and be reborn.

Do you sometimes have the feeling whatever you do you always come back to the same behaviour that you can not explain to yourself ? Even if you wanna change, there is something so deep inside you that you keep repeating this same pattern over and over again. This might create frustration, anger or sadness to not overcome a tendency... Consciously you might wanna go in one direction but there is something in the unconscious you can not access that always brings back a feeling, a behaviour that might not really needs to belong to you anymore. Sofia´s understanding through different fields of observation & practices is that we hardly access to the imprints we received on our physical body in our mother ́s womb. This imprints made you the person that you are now.

Even some difficult imprints have been serving you and are part of your way of dealing with life. But how aware are you about this imprints and do they still all serve you now in your adult life ?

What is taken in consideration during this session is the story of your life in the womb of your mother as well as how you came out of it into the world. Honoring this primal vibrations that surrounded you during this phase of development as well as your first initiation into life, your birth.

Owning this story. Your personal story. Being aware of the person that you became in relation to the first transition you went through in this incarnation. From water to air. That might explain how you go with transitions in general in your life. Or at least till now. Once awarness comes this is the starting point to bring healing and to start taking decisions consciously, knowing your pre-dispositions but also going beyond by the power of your choice.

Sofia started to learn and practice theta healing in 2011. Theta brain waves bring a very deep relaxed state of being that we experience when we meditate. Sofia brings you there with her and opens a safe space for healing through awareness.

In 2014 came the Symphonic Gong and other healing instruments to her life like the water harp, since then she holds group circles as well as personal/ couple or family sessions.

Giving Rebozo ( After birth ceremony for mothers) together with Doula Zohar Ren, since 3 years, working as a team. They already heard more than 200 birth stories…

So choose your new birth day! And jump into your life with ease and joy.

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